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Best Education Schools and Universities

Education is a foundation of human experience and progress. In each cultural society,
quality teachers and professors have molded ages both new and old into the best students
they can be. Some of history's most prominent teachers and professors have shown us that
education is our most important apparatus. Nelson Mandela, for instance, showed that
"Education is the most effective weapon which you can use to change the world. Teaching
theories from such essential world pioneers as these represent that education is a standout
 amongst the most intense, worldwide organizations on earth. Furthermore, the present schools
 and colleges are as yet working resolutely to consummate its old craftsmanship.

University of Oxford:

Oxford university is latest researches and education provide in the world .This university
situation in Oxford England.Teaching start in oxford university from 1096. 38 collages
under provide education under the umbrella of oxford university.more than 25000 student
take education in different class in oxford. Seventy latest research center working under
the oxford university.

University of Oxford Rating: 
University of oxford win 5QS ranking in latest innovation,teaching tools and
 researches in university ranking.University of oxford sixteen ranking in world
universities ranking in 2016-17

Motto of Oxford University :  The Lord is my Light.

Voice Chancellor of Oxford University 
Professor Louise Richards Voice Chancellor of Oxford university from Jan-2016 to present.

Departments Of Oxford University:
                                                           Oxford University have four main Department.
  University have beautiful Garden,Thousand of Book Libraries and museums.
(1) Humanities Department,
                            Oxford Research center of Humanity.
                            Ruskin School of Art.
                            History of Humanities.

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